Why Medical Marijuana Research Is Gaining Support From the GOP

Members of Congress from across the political spectrum are pushing for pot research – but can they change Jeff Sessions' mind? Some Utah residents are working overtime to get medical marijuana on the state’s ballot next year. They seem to have just gotten a surprising new Republican ally in their effort – Senator Orrin Hatch. The [...]

Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Calls for Marijuana Decriminalization (Again)

A full City Council vote could happen as early as October 2nd. Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall, who is also one of the city’s mayoral candidates, is demanding that a vote be taken up on the issue of marijuana decriminalization next month, according to a report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Earlier this year, Hall introduced [...]

Hydroponics improves lives of refugees

Refugees living in the Algerian Sahara are using a hydroponics system to feed their animals. The Sahrawi refugees are harnessing the technique, which works without the need for fertile soil, to grow barley fodder in seven days – from seed to harvest. It is a transformation from the poor diet the goats had, which previously resulted in poor [...]

Cannabis Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Senior Citizens

Cannabis use among those over 65 increased by 300% between 2002 and 2014. The number of senior citizens who are using cannabis is on the rise according to national and state data, signaling the need for more research on how cannabis affects the aged. Cannabis use among those over 65 has increased by 300% between [...]

Elimination of hydroponics on NOSB’s agenda… (Any thoughts? Leave a comment.)

A debate concerning organic certification for hydroponics that has been raging for more than a decade might come to a head during the fall meetings of the National Organics Standards Board in early November in Jacksonville, FL. On the NOSB’s agenda for that meeting are a series of proposals that recommend declaring hydroponics, container-farming and [...]

Seven trends to watch in 2017: How have these predictions fared so far? Share your thoughts…

This article originally appeared in GIE Media sister publication Garden Center magazine in December 2016. As we enter the fourth quarter of 2017, how have these predictions fared? Share your experiences in the comments below... Since 2001, the Garden Media Group has published its yearly Garden Trends Report, which includes predictions of what will be popular in the [...]

California Will Let Cannabusinesses Get Licensed Before 2018

Following in the footsteps of other legal marijuana states, California officials said this week that they are working on regulations that will allow the state to launch recreational sales smoothly beginning January 1, 2018. During the recent Cannabis Business Conference in Los Angeles, Lori Ajax, who oversees the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, told those in [...]

The American Legion Calls for Department of Veterans Affairs to Support Study on Cannabis and PTSD

The Schedule I classification of cannabis is a longstanding impediment to medical research. This week, the American Legion sent a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs asking for federal assistance in supporting an FDA-approved research study on cannabis and PTSD. The study is being conducted at the Scottsdale Research Institute in Arizona, in collaboration [...]

What are requirements of growing herbs in hydroponics?

pH level, humidity, temperature, nutrients, and light are what you should consider when growing herbs in hydroponics. When those factors are carefully controlled, the hydroponics will offer a superior growing medium and less time-consuming in comparison to the conventional soil. Light Your herbs require at least six hours of unobstructed sunlight and bright every day. [...]

The future of farming is sprouting up where you’d least expect it

Beneath one of NYC's best restaurants, down a hallway you could find only if you knew where to go, rows of heady, hydroponic herbs, sticky with residue, grow under LED lights. Across the East River, in an old factory, a small lab of growers tinker with their own seedlings, while a greenhouse just two miles [...]