Recap of the Week: Rescheduling marijuana in NJ, Cleveland’s limits on MMJ locations & FDA + CBD

The events of the week of Oct. 28th - Nov. 3rd brought BIG NEWS! A New Jersey court tells the state to review how it classifies marijuana, Cleveland imposes strict limits on where MMJ companies can locate, and the FDA issues warnings to CBD producers. Here’s a closer look at these significant developments in the marijuana [...]

National Organic Standards Board Decrees That Hydroponic Can Be Organic

On November 1st, the National Organic Standards Board finally made a decision on one of the most divisive issues in the organic world: should crops grown in water, containers, or otherwise not in the ground be allowed to call themselves organic? The decision is thus: hydroponic and container gardens will remain eligible for organic certification. [...]

Organic Farmers Reject Hydroponics With 16 Protest Rallies …SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS

Hydroponic vs. Organic... the never-ending debate lives on! (SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW) Should produce grown in hydroponic environments be considered organic? Here's the latest... Organic farmers have organized 16 rallies to date to protest the continued certification of hydroponic or aquaponic produce as organic. A major rally has been organized on October [...]

Elimination of hydroponics on NOSB’s agenda… (Any thoughts? Leave a comment.)

A debate concerning organic certification for hydroponics that has been raging for more than a decade might come to a head during the fall meetings of the National Organics Standards Board in early November in Jacksonville, FL. On the NOSB’s agenda for that meeting are a series of proposals that recommend declaring hydroponics, container-farming and [...]

Urban Farming Insider: Understanding Organic Hydroponics with Tinia Pina

Tinia Pina is the founder and CEO of Renuble, a company started in 2011 that develops hydroponic fertilizer 100% derived from organic food waste inputs. Renuble helps hydroponic growers increase yields with a wide variety of urban farming crops grown hydroponically in large metropolitan areas like New York City, where Renuble is based. We interviewed [...]