For the week’s Homegrown, we take a look at some of the issues that can pop up while growing food in a greenhouse, without using soil.

“This is a curly leaf that we sell a lot of for sandwiches,” Joan Jones says as she showed us a popular type of lettuce she grows.

She owns and operates Lee and Gordon Greens in Chickamauga. It’s a greenhouse that grows several types of lettuce and herbs.

“We have a hydroponic greenhouse which means we grow everything in water, there is no dirt,” Jones said. “The nutrients are supplied through mineral salts that are injected into the system. We plant in a material called rockwool, which is spun, volcanic rock.”

A big benefit to this type of farming is the ability to grow year round, and produce more crops with less space.

“What we can grow in here it would take about five times the land to grow this amount at one time.”

But, hydroponic growing still comes with its challenges…

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