Ohio receives 6 times more applications for medical marijuana dispensaries as they have licenses

150 apply to run medical marijuana dispensaries in Northeast Ohio, the most of any region in the state Northeast Ohio is the most sought-after region in the state by those seeking to run a medical marijuana dispensary, according to information from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. The state announced Monday, Nov. 20, that 370 have [...]

The truth behind the ‘first marijuana overdose death’

A case report about the seizure and death of an 11-month old after exposure to cannabis has prompted headlines about “the first marijuana overdose death” this week. Except that’s not what the doctors meant. “We are absolutely not saying that marijuana killed that child,” said Thomas Nappe, an author of the report who is now the [...]

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz: Stop punishing cannabis industry. Remove 280E from tax code.

Guest op-ed: "How many American lives could we save, if we simply started treating the marijuana industry and canna-businesses fairly?" By Matt Gaetz, Guest Commentary In 1981, a Tax Court judge ruled on tax deductions taken by Mr. Jeff Edmonson, a man with a unique business: the large-scale distribution of drugs. For the tax year [...]

Colorado girl suing U.S. attorney general to legalize medical marijuana nationwide

LARKSPUR, Colo. -- Alexis Bortell is hardly the first child whose family moved to Colorado for access to medical marijuana. But the 12-year-old is the first Colorado kid to sue U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions over the nation's official marijuana policy. "As the seizures got worse, we had to move to Colorado to get cannabis because [...]

Marijuana: 5 Things that Science Says About the Herb

One of the most ironic stories in the history of human race on Earth is making an herb, with great potential benefits, banned for use because of certain political beliefs that marijuana, the same with other drugs such as cocaine and heroine, is addictive and can be a driver for the user to become abusive, [...]

Recap of the Week: Rescheduling marijuana in NJ, Cleveland’s limits on MMJ locations & FDA + CBD

The events of the week of Oct. 28th - Nov. 3rd brought BIG NEWS! A New Jersey court tells the state to review how it classifies marijuana, Cleveland imposes strict limits on where MMJ companies can locate, and the FDA issues warnings to CBD producers. Here’s a closer look at these significant developments in the marijuana [...]

Recap of the Week: Massachusetts’ MMJ upgrades, WA tracking issues & possible Rhode Island expansion

To be or not to be? Great question right? The events of the week of Oct. 21st - 28th played out somewhat like an obstacle course, leaving many canna-business owners with similar soliloquies. First, Massachusetts is making changes, presented as 'improvements', to its medical marijuana program. But are the changes good or bad for all [...]

University of Florida to study medical cannabis as opioid alternative

On the same day that President Donald Trump labeled opioid-related deaths a “national health emergency,” word spread that the University of Florida Health will study the medical benefits of cannabis as a possible alternative to the narcotic. The school’s doctors will also study MMJ’s benefits for HIV patients. The five-year study is being funded by a [...]

Recap of the Week: California wildfires, Maryland medical cannabis lawsuit & Arkansas CPAs + MMJ

The events of the past week set several precedences for the cannabis industry. First, the importance of insuring farms. The effects of the wild fires in California are yet to be realized. Second, state licensing is still a work in progress. Standing one's ground can result in forward movement in the industry. Lastly, professional boards [...]

The Green Gold Rush: Could Africa Be On The Verge Of A Weed Race?

(CNN) - Several African governments are considering tapping a lucrative natural resource. More than 10,000 tons of cannabis are produced on the continent each year, according to a UN survey, which advocates believe could be worth billions of dollars in a rapidly expanding global market for legal weed. African governments have not yet followed the trend [...]